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Zero Carbon Schools helps schools change the way they respond to the climate and nature crisis, putting climate education and action at the heart of school life.

Zero Carbon Schools ’23-’24 is now underway! If you would like to take part in the programme next academic year, please provide a few details using this form and we will keep you posted with information and will let you know when you can sign up.

What is the Zero Carbon Schools programme?

Zero Carbon Schools is a cross-curricular programme for Years 4 – 8 with links to science, geography, maths, English, PSHE and art. As a result of the programme, pupils will:

  • Learn more about climate change and feel empowered to take action in their school community
  • Develop leadership, communication, problem solving and teamwork skills
  • Calculate an estimate of their school’s carbon emissions
  • Lead meaningful projects to reduce the school’s carbon footprint

We know that pupils and teachers want to see climate change more widely taught and discussed in school. Designed by teachers, the Zero Carbon Schools programme contains a comprehensive set of session plans, activities and support to make it happen.

The programme includes two CPD sessions to be delivered during the year. These will help staff to better understand the climate crisis and give them the opportunity to get involved with action at school to tackle it and will support teachers in all years and subject areas to enhance their lessons with a topic that pupils care about.

Have a look at this case study to see how the programme will help to embed climate education into the curriculum and the culture of your school.

Due to funding from trusts and foundations, councils and academy trusts, the programme is free for schools to join. There is also the option for additional support and visits for schools that have a small budget available.

This is the defining issue of our time. By adopting a whole school, student-led approach, your school can show leadership in the face of the climate emergency.

Hear from pupils and teachers at Salisbury Manor Primary School and at George Mitchell Secondary School on their thoughts about the Zero Carbon Schools Programme.

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