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Currently, there is no statutory requirement for schools to teach pupils about human-induced climate change, or give young people a chance to critically engage with the issue. Ultimately this means students do not get the chance to learn enough about or develop the skills they need to respond to the climate crisis – despite the fact that they will be most affected by it. Research from Teach the Future shows that 92% of teachers are concerned about climate change and 90% agree that climate change education should be a compulsory topic at school. 

Our theory of change sets out how we will give young people the knowledge, skills and opportunity to play their part in tackling the climate crisis and building a sustainable future.

Planting the seed

We will promote the value of climate and nature education within the education sector. School leaders will understand the climate and nature crisis and prioritise initiatives like Zero Carbon Schools to help address it. 

Roots and shoots

We will work with schools to embed climate and nature education into the curriculum and culture of the school. We will extend the reach of Zero Carbon Schools and test alternative delivery models to measure their impact. This will give more young people knowledge about the climate crisis and the opportunity to take action. School communities will take climate action and schools will begin the transition to zero carbon.

Branching out

We will support schools to become climate knowledge and action hubs in their communities. Young people will influence their families and the wider community to change their behaviour. Action in the school community will lead to changes in the wider community.

For more information about how your trust or foundation can change the way schools respond to climate change fill in our contact form below.

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