Watch the video showing how Skinners’ Academy and its students has benefited from working with Green Schools Project. 

If you’d like to help your students to do similar work to these three, it’s time to Go Green!

Skinners’ Academy

Ark John Keats

Ark John Keats joined Green Schools Project in September 2015. An enthusiastic group of Year 7 and 8 students started meeting every Friday as part of the school Enrichment programme. The students called the group Eco John Keats, designed a logo, and after an introduction to the issues of sustainability and the environment at school they got to work on their first project – to get the school recycling more!

Their project is to weigh the amount of paper recycled in each form room, and then put the results into a leader board, with a prize at the end of each half term for the form that collects the most.

In the spring and summer term last year Eco John Keats planted and grew vegetables, and reaped a crop of peas, peppers and tomatoes. This year they have ambitious plans to make a greenhouse out of recycled plastic bottles! They have also started to tackle energy use, monitoring temperatures in classrooms to ensure they are not getting over-heated. The school is well on the way to going Green!

“I like being in Eco John Keats because it lets us develop our knowledge on our environment and work as a team”

– Lauryn Meikle Year 8 Eco-Team member

Bishop Thomas Grant

Bishop Thomas Grant School in Lambeth set up their Eco-Team with help from Green Schools Project in September 2015. Students in Years 8 and 9 have been taking the lead and are working on a variety of projects.

As seen in the photo their big achievement last year was to create a vegetable garden, growing potatoes, beans, spinach and courgettes. They also held a recycling competition to see which house could recycle the most. They organised bake sales which raised money for snow leopard conservation. If you watched Planet Earth 2 you’ll have seen the benefit of their actions!

This year they are targeting energy use and looking into ways that they can reduce their usage which will save money and reduce their carbon emissions. They also have ambitious plans to install solar panels!

‘I really like turning off all the lights after school on Monday with Adamma.’

– Clara Morris, Year 9 Eco-Team member

‘I think we are really helping the school to become more green and we are getting others involved with helping the school and helping the earth.’

– Hailey Chithri, Year 9 Eco-Team member

‘I think this is EPIC!!’

– Rode Abellar, Year 7 Eco-Team member