Natixis Investment Managers joined as partners in 2018. Oliver Bilal, Head of International Sales and Marketing, was instrumental in setting up this partnership having mentored Green Schools Project’s founder, Henry Greenwood, during his time as Head of EMEA for UBS Asset Management.

Natixis sponsorship provided funding that has allowed Green Schools Project to grow, facilitating the recruitment of its first paid employee, Elena Pearce, as programme manager. Her role is to improve delivery in schools, recruit new schools, develop new resources, and carry out impact measurement.

Green Schools Project has more than doubled the number of schools delivering the programme due to the Natixis partnership. It has also expanded the size of its university student volunteering programme. In addition to funding, Natixis Investment Managers are providing strategic support to help the organisation increase to its impact.

Oliver Bilal says: “We are delighted to support Green Schools Project in its early phase of growth. Securing a sustainable future is one of the great challenges facing us and Green Schools Project is playing a vital role in ensuring that young people can be part of the solution. I strongly encourage other organisations to add their support.”