Free Eco Resources


Register to access resources that will help you to set up and run an Eco-Team in your school.

You will be able to access a coordinator guide, information and activities you can do with pupils about the climate crisis, as well as guidance on how to run projects such as energy saving, youth activism, wildlife, food, waste and more.

We only accept accounts from members of staff currently working in schools, so please enter a school email address.

If you’d like to take the next steps beyond running a school Eco-Team, check out our Zero Carbon Schools programme and register an interest to start the programme in the Autumn Term 2024.

Please note that since 2021 we have been putting all our efforts into the Zero Carbon Schools programme so these Eco-Team resources haven’t been updated since then. We still think they’re great, but if you want the most up to date resources and support, sign up to Zero Carbon Schools 2024-25.

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