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Before Christmas we were contacted by Hannah Bewley, a journalist on the BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast show. She was looking for teenagers who are passionate about protecting the environment to feature on the New Year’s Day show which had the theme of #Green2019.

Claramae, 15, from Eltham Hill School in Greenwich and Sapura and Nana, 17, from School 21 in Newham did a brilliant job talking about some of the projects that they are running at their schools, and how they are trying to influence others to tackle climate breakdown and protect the natural world.

Listen below


The full show included an interview with Greta Thunberg, an inspirational young climate activist who spoke at the UN Climate Change Conference COP24 in Poland and has been striking from school every Friday outside the Swedish Parliament demanding meaningful action on climate change. It also featured Therese Coffey an environment minister who was rightly given a hard time on our government’s criminally inadequate response to the crisis that we are facing.

I was extremely proud to hear students involved with Green Schools Project appearing alongside these and other guests. Young people are the ones who have the most to lose from climate breakdown, so it is our New Year’s Resolution to amplify their voices, so that people of all ages wake up to the climate crisis and take action.

Link to the full show on BBC Sounds (available until the end of January)

Hear Greta Thunberg’s speech to COP24 and interview from 43:14 to 51:25

Hear Therese Coffey attempt to defend the government’s record on the environment 1:03:42 to 1:19:40

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