NUS and Green Schools Project Pupil Environmental Attitude Survey

For the past eight years the NUS has surveyed university students on their attitudes towards sustainability which has shown a consistent desire from students to learn more about it and to have more opportunities to get involved with this issue. One of the headline findings is that 80% of students want their institution to be doing more on sustainability.

IMG_1561In an attempt to extend this study into young people’s attitudes to school students, the NUS is partnering with Green Schools Project to carry out a survey on pupils in years 5-13. The aim is to see what their attitudes are towards the environment and whether they would like to see their schools do more. We hope to use the results to influence policy and help to make a case for increasing the provision of environmental education.

It is a great opportunity for student voice to be heard and every school that provides at least 50 responses will receive a bespoke report with data from their students. As an extra incentive, there is a cash prize draw, with prizes for primary and secondary schools.

We are encouraging all teachers and members of staff to get their school to participate in the survey. If you are interested in taking part, please see the information note which has full details. A member of staff must complete a consent form before getting students to complete the survey, links to that and the survey itself are contained in the information note. The survey is currently open and the deadline for completion is 14th December.

The NUS Insight team are members of the Market Research Society which has a code of conduct and ensures that the survey is fully GDPR compliant.

Getting just one class to complete the survey would be great, but getting a whole year group or more would significantly contribute to the process and we may feature your school in a national press release when the report is complete.

Surveys can be completed in form period time if you have access to laptops or computers. Or if you can get approval from a senior member of staff and the IT department, IT lessons are an ideal opportunity to complete it with a number of classes. The survey takes just 5-15 minutes to complete, so it could easily be done at the start of a lesson.

Click this link for full information about the survey and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

The deadline for completing the survey is the end of this term, so if you’re looking for a good activity to fill 5-15 minutes for the last week of term, look no further! As an extension task you could then get them to research the impact that climate change will have on their future.

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  1. This is a really valuable initiative. The people who will be most affected by global warming are gearing up for their adulthood. It is so important to keep their awareness of the subject in their consciousness, and to hear their voices.

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