What you can do to support the environment in Brexit Britain


Tom Brake MP talks about the Brexit negotiating process
Tom Brake MP talks about the Brexit negotiating process

At our recent event, Green Schools Project hosted high profile figures who spoke about the implications of Brexit on the environment. There is a lot of uncertainty in environmental policy, as it was completely absent in the Government’s 12 point Brexit plan and very little mention has been made of it in relation to Brexit negotiations. This is despite the fact that around 80% of our environmental regulation is thought to originate in the EU.

For all of us that think that protecting the environment is important and the need to address climate change is urgent, panellists suggested actions that we can all take to play our part and raise this issue up the agenda.

Here are the actions that you can take:

Tom Brake, Liberal Democrat MP for Carshalton and Wallington

  • Arrange a face to face meeting with your MP and ask them to press for environmental standards to be upheld when we are no longer bound by EU regulations.
  • Get involved with campaigning activity against the government’s plan for a hard Brexit and for a vote at the end of the negotiating process.

James Murray, Editor in chief, Business Green

  • Switch to a renewable energy provider; use your purchasing power to buy green products; visit the Business Green website to stay informed.
  • Write letters to MPs encouraging environmental protections; vote according to which party supports action on climate change; complain to IPSO about bad reporting on climate change; get involved in politics.

Amy Mount, Head of Greener UK unit, Green Alliance

  • Write to your MP asking them to sign the Greener UK MPs’ pledge.
  • Connect with nature in your local community – support a local group or just visit and enjoy a natural area near where you live.
Sam Lowe takes a question from the audience
The first panel take a question from the audience

Max Wakefield, Lead Campaigner, 10:10

  • Sign up to the 10:10 blown away campaign promoting wind power in the UK.
  • Find out about and join a community energy project. There’s lots happening, just search for ‘community energy + your local area’ to find out more.

Esther Obiri-Darko, Green Party spokesperson for Science and Technology

  • Support environmental organisations such as Green Schools Project (thanks Esther!)
  • Write to your local council and pension fund to tell them to divest from fossil fuels.

The evening was sponsored by Solar For Schools who are doing great work helping schools to install solar panels despite a reduction in support for renewable energy installations. Robert Schrimpff, CEO asked people to:

  • Earn a financial return as well as promoting renewable energy and environmental education by investing your savings in Solar For Schools bonds.
  • Encourage any school that you have a connection with to join Solar For Schools and install solar panels.

The lack of importance attached to environmental issues by the government is a real concern especially with the uncertainty of Brexit hanging over the country, but every individual can play a role in ensuring that action on climate change takes place. Politicians are keenly aware of public opinion and the more individual action is taken the more they will take notice. Just by carrying out one or two of these simple actions you can feel that you are contributing to tackling one of the great challenges of our time.

If you’d like to find out more about Green Schools Project and see how we support schools to get young people involved in environmental projects please visit the rest of our website.

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