Green Schools Project’s Impact

Green Schools Project started in September last year with 3 pilot schools while a programme was being developed that could be delivered in schools across the country. The UnLtd Start Up programme for Social Enterprises emphasised how important it is to measure the impact that your organisation is having, so I gave the students in the Eco-Teams surveys and asked for feedback.  The first Green Schools Project Impact Report is based on those results

Have a look at the full one page Impact Report 2015-16.

These are some highlights:

  • In the past year, Green Schools Project has been working with 3 pilot schools, with approximately 35 students attending meetings regularly, running projects that affect a total of around 2500 students.
  • 86% of students involved in the Eco-Teams thought that their work had improved their leadership, communication, teamwork and problem solving skills.
  • 100% of Green Schools Project coordinators would recommend the programme to other teachers and stated that the resources and support provided was helpful for running the Eco-Team.
  • 61% of students believe that their school’s environmental performance has improved as a result of their actions in the past year and 45% of students have a greater belief that their actions have the power to change the behaviour of the school community.
  • ‘Green Schools Project has been invaluable in setting up our Eco-Committee. From all students the growth in confidence and leadership has been really impressive.’ – Patrick Burke, Science teacher and Eco-Coordinator, Bishop Thomas Grant School

Read the full one page report by clicking here

That was all achieved in the first year with just 3 schools. This year 15 schools are following the programme, multiplying the impact by 5, and with improvements in place it will increase even more!

The vision is for every school in the UK to be a model of sustainability, producing young people that live in an environmentally responsible way and driving the transition to a more sustainable society. There’s a lot to be done to get there, and we won’t be able to do it on our own but the impact that has been made in the first year gives me confidence that Green Schools Project can play a role in turning that vision into reality.

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