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Green Schools Project is on a mission to transform the way schools respond to the climate and nature crisis.

Eco anxiety is on the rise. Young people feel increasingly powerless and worried about their future. Teachers want to do more to include the climate emergency in lessons but often don’t have the knowledge, confidence, or time they need to do it justice. We enable schools to embed climate education into lessons and become more sustainable through a range of training, support, and resources. This gives teachers and young people the tools they need to tackle the climate crisis at school, in their communities and throughout their lives. 

This is the defining issue of our time, and our young people will have to deal with the worst of the consequences. We need to act now to help schools get serious about sustainability, and give young people hope for a greener future.

  • Our pupils didn’t fully understand what was happening with climate change. Now that they understand and they know what the issues are, they’ve been much more conscientious about the environment.

    Jessica Todd Selwyn Primary School
  • We are delighted with the support from Green Schools Project and feel that the Zero Carbon Schools programme is enabling us to make better choices as a whole school to mitigate the impact of our carbon emissions. Thank you for your dedication and support!

    Leigh Milkmanavicius Walsall Academy
  • Green Schools Project has been phenomenal in working with us to transform our whole school community‘s understanding of climate change and the part we can all play in making a difference.

    Heather Stokes Headteacher, Eslington Primary School, Newcastle


Our impact

138 schools worked with since 2015

21 schools supported to calculate an estimate of their total carbon emissions for the first time

25% increase in score on climate change knowledge quiz from pupils taking part in Zero Carbon Schools

100% of teachers wanted to help their school to address the climate crisis after our teacher training sessions

91% of teachers felt better equipped to address the climate crisis after our teacher training sessions

83% of teachers felt that we had helped their pupils become environmental changemakers

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